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April 22, 2018, 1:26:41 am, America/Chicago

Military Satellite Internet Uses In Today

Military members that are currently deployed need a way to stay in contact with other service personnel, family and friends. Satellites play a big role in the military. The new military satellite internet technology is expanding on this field. It allows the different branches to communicate in a better fashion.

Everything runs through Over the Air connections; so there is no need for long heavy cords. Units around the world are able to have their internet up and running in a matter of hours, instead of a few days. The Navy has also taken to using satellite powered internet. Its portability makes it perfect for use aboard all kids of different vessels.

This type of internet connection is used for more than just on the job communication. Members of the service are now able to communicate with their loved ones on a more regular basis. Having this ability is a huge boost to a detachments moral.

In years past setting up reliable internet on the battlefield was a large task. In recent years this has become a more attainable task. Units have been equipped with lap tops and tablet PCs that are simple to transport. Since everything is wireless and smaller, the equipment allows the enlisted to be there for important events such as the birth of a child, via web cam while still in the field. They no longer have to feel left out.

Every year men and women in the armed forces are deployed to places far away from their family. The internet keeps families together, even while they are thousands of miles apart. The technology that is currently being used got its start during the war in Iraq. It was during this time period that new communication methods were tested. Video messaging, conference calls and satellite radios became common tools.

In this day and age many people are constantly on the go. This can pose a problem for soldiers that are trying to get in touch with family. The new communications tools available to service members make that task easier. Friends and family that use smart phones with a VoIP application or real time video conferencing are able to take advantage of the broadband features available. Features like these can make a huge difference in staying connected.

All military communications are heavily encrypted and secure. Specialized hardware and software combine both broadband internet connection and voice data. This allows both types of data to be transmitted at the same time with no delays. The security measures that are taken also allow the connections to be used for both government and personal communication.

Serving in the armed forces in an honor and the responsibilities are known before joining. One of those responsibilities is staying strong while missing home, spouses and children. Military satellite internet helps service members to stay in touch with fellow soldiers, family and staff back on the mainland. All this is done with compact systems, that just a few short years ago were non existent.

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